If you see this star by the name of a meal then it is Gluten Free. Ask us about it if you have questions!


A fried Corn Meal patty opened up to make a pocket, stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings. Pick below:

La Pelúa - Shredded or pulled beef and cheese.

Empanada - $3.00

A fried pastry made from Corn Meal dough, stuffed with delicious fillings. You pick below!

Potato, Queso Fresco + Eggs, Shredded Beef, Shredded Chicken, Ground Beef.

La Catira - Shredded chicken and cheese. Reina Pepiada - Chicken Salad + Avocado La RumberaPork + Cheese

De Jamón y Queso - Ham + Cheese De Chicharrón - Pork Rinds

La Dominó - Black Beans + White cheese

La Pata – Pata - Black Beans, Gouda Cheese + Avocado. Make it Vegan by telling us to take off the Cheese!

De Guasacaca ($4.75) - Guasacaca + White Cheese

La Viuda ($2.75) - Plain and empty Arepa that is usually served as a side!

Nacho Madness-$11.99

Tortilla chips with Black or Pinto Beans, Cheese, Tomato, Onion, Jalapeño + Cilantro. Choose Chicken, Shredded or Ground Beef

Pastelito - $3.00

A fried pastry made from Flour dough, stuffed with deli- cious fillings. You pick below!

Potato, Queso Fresco + Eggs, Shredded Chicken, or

Ground Beef.

Hallaca - $3.50

Venezuelan “tamale” made from Corn Meal dough, filled with Chicken, Pork, Capers, Raisins, and Olives.

Tequeños (THE-KEHN-YOs) - $5.99

6 Gourmet Cheese sticks made with bread dough and stuffed with Queso Blanco, and then fried. One of the most popular Venezuelan snackfoods.

Fried Yuka or Plantain - $4.99

One of our favorite Vegan options.

Yuka Loca - $8.99

Yuka, Black Beans, Tomatoes, onions, Jala- peños, Cilantro + Cheese.

Tostitostones - $9.99

Fried plantains topped with Shredded chicken, chicken avocado salad or Shredded beef with

Queso Fresco.

(6 per order)


Coke Products + Ice tea - $2.25 (free refills) Imported Drinks - $2.99

Merengadas/ Smoothies - 22 oz. - $3.50

Fresa - Strawberry + Milk

Franguesa– Strawberry, raspberry, Blueberry, Orange + Honey Chica (Horchata) - Rice Milk, Cinnamon + Natural sweetener


White - Mild Garlic

Green – Jalapeño Avocado

Red – Habanero Hot

Empanda Madness



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Ask us about our catering service!


Pabellòn - $12.99

A traditional Venezuelan dish that consists of Shredded seasoned beef, Black beans, White rice + Fried plantains and a mini cheese Arepa.

Bistec Encebollado-$12.99

Latin Style steak and onions served with Yellow rice and your choice of beans. Add our delicious plan- tains for just .99 cents!

Bandeja Paisa - $14.99

A traditional Colombian platter made up of Char- grilled steak, Crispy pork belly, Pinto beans, A fried egg, rice, plantains + a mini cheese Arepa.

Add some yummy Chorizo or Morcilla for just $2.99.

Madness Sándwiches: El Jibarito - $10.99

Plantain in shape of sandwich with Shredded Beefs or Chicken, lettuce, Tomato, onions, jalapeños and cheese.

El Cubanito - $11.99

Ham and Shredded Pork with lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles + mayo and mustard.

El Pepito - $12.99

Grilled Chicken or Steak with fajita peppers, grilled onions, and tomato + cheese. Served with pink sauce, and garlic sauce.

Lomo Saltado - $11.99

A traditional Peruvian dish that comes with pan- seared beef, tomatoes, onions + French Fries and Rice.

Pollo Andino - $11.99

Grilled Chicken breast + mashed potatoes. Served with a side of mixed greens.

Arroz con Pollo - $10.99

A combination of rice and chicken sautéed with Extra virgin Olive oil, Diced green peppers, onions, toma- toes, rice, then splashed with Wine and Green peas.

MAD MEALS - $5.99


1.Empanada + Rice and Beans

2.Pastelito + Rice and Beans

3.Cheese Arepa + Rice and Beans


1. Chicken Tenders + French Fries

WARNING! Mad Meals are too crazy for kids over the age of 12!

Soup of the day - $10.99

Served with your choice of rice and one side.

Entrée Salad - $6.50

Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Onions, Hard boiled eggs,

Croutons, Cucumbers + Cheese. Add your choice of meat for $2.99.







Add Arepitas for





$2.99 just $0.75!

White rice




Yellow Rice




Black Beans




Pinto Beans






CACHAPAS - $7.99






Desserts! - $4.99

Tres Leches Cake

Sponge cakes soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream + Vanilla Bean ice cream.


Venezuelan-style Flan


Fried Spanish donut filled with Caramel + topped with cin- namon sugar. Also comes with a side of Vanilla Bean ice cream

Dessert Empanada

Filled with your choice of caramel or chocolate sauce. Served with side of Vanilla Bean ice cream.